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History of Bitdefender

BitDefender is one of the best, if not the absolute premier product, among antivirus softwarefor personal computing defense. BitDefender’s legacy began in Romania in 1996. Before the product was known as BitDefender, it had the name AVX (Anti-Virus eXpert) and was the first product of its kind to feature an update system that required no input from the user. AVX would automatically download lists of new threats that were circulating through the online community, which kept the software up to date without bothering the user.

In 2001, AVX became BitDefender when it entered the international market and became available for download by anyone around the world. By 2003, the product began to move into areas other than virus protection when the company added a new proprietary system to the protective software’s already impressive array. This new system was known as MIDAS, or the Malware Intrusion Detection Advanced System. This branched out into protecting computers from harmful software that are not technically viruses.

Also in 2003, BitDefender became the first security application to feature anti-dialer software that blocked spyware that would access computers’ modems and dial up to remote connections without the user’s knowledge. These connections would allow hackers to access the computer and obtain the information it contained. The computer could also then be employed to violate other machines or send out harmful software to other users, making it appear as if the violated computer was the culprit, rather than tracing the destructive actions back to the hacker responsible.

In 2004, there were several advancements to BitDefender, including anti-spam technology and the release of LinuxDefender, which is security software for Linux operating systems and servers. The year 2004 also saw the inclusion of update pushing added in to the package. This meant that rather than having to wait for a scheduled update for new protection to become available, new threat-detection protocols would be instantly pushed onto computers for instant protection the minute it was available. The application also came out ahead of other software of its kind with the fastest reaction time to viral threats.

By 2005, BitDefender was launching its ninth generation of products. Its Internet Security Package was labeled as one of the most comprehensive solutions on the planet. It contained anti-spyware, anti-spam, firewall protection and parental controls along with its already impressive protection against common threats.

In 2007, the company released a fully mobile component to protect smartphones and PDAs from intrusion by hazardous software.

In 2008, BitDefender linked with SOS Online Backup to provide a solution to data-loss prevention. The same year saw the release of Security Suite for Business, which helped small and growing businesses by providing an affordable, comprehensive solution to most online threats. Total Security 2009 was also released that year, which was lauded as the best product for proactive security.

Total Security 2010 came out in 2009 and included the application’s QuickScan feature that provides superior protection against online threats without causing severe slowdown of running computer systems or requiring significant bandwidth usage.

BitDefender has come a long way from its beginnings in just a decade. Its current iteration, Antivirus Pro 2011, is the most complete software suite for personal security available today. In the competitive and complicated world of computer security, BitDefender has managed to stay ahead of the curve with continual innovations and superior, intelligent design

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