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Cloud Device

A Cloud Device is a real-world device that is augmented with a cloud-based virtual representation of itself. The virtual device in the cloud stays in sync and connected with the physical device, and provides powerful capabilities in a way that even simple physical devices can take advantage of. For example, making a simple temperature sensor device into a Cloud Device gives the simple temperature sensor the ability to make sense of its temperature data, to learn over time, and to interact with users or other systems.

A Cloud Device delivers organized storage (historical data), device-specific processing (using our proprietary Lua scripting engine), eventing & alerting (use external conditions to qualify device data states) and graphical user interfaces (rich dashboards or mobile application environments can be attached to the connected device type). We’ve integrated these features for each individual connect device with our overall Internet of Things Platform framework. This framework enables businesses to setup rules for managing ownership, access, sharing and billing to deliver the power of Cloud Devices to their customers.

Turning your connected device into a Cloud Device is like turning your paper-based scheduling book into a shared online calendar. For real-world data, it is an ideal Internet of Things solution, allowing simple microprocessors in household appliances or industrial applications to become powerful sources and uses of real-time data that increase their benefit to users and businesses.

By allowing your customers to easily connect their device to the Internet, you are providing a powerful out-of-the-box experience with your product and brand. The connected device owner’s process of gaining anywhere access to the capabilities of the Cloud Device is a perfect opportunity to establish an ongoing relationship with your customers.

Cloud Devices can be natively managed by the device management tool Exosite has created. Whether it is a single device or many connected devices in complex configurations, the full life-cycle features of our Device Management Portal are available for device OEMs, fleet-managers, regional oversight, and end-users. For example, deploying over-the-air software updates via the cloud – to one device, or to groups of connected devices – is an off-the-shelf feature of the system.

sumber : http://exosite.com/cloud-device/

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