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Mousehunt on Facebook

Mousehunt is a Facebook game from HitGrab. Its objective is fairly simple enough: to catch mouse using your trap. What makes this game so exciting is the variety of cheese, traps, mouse and location to hunt! For example, we have Centaur mouse found in Whisker Woods, and there is also the Kung Fu mouse from the Dojo. The traps are even more funny, with high tech weapons like the Deathbot to cruel traps like the Swissknife trap. You can also choose a variety of base to go with your weapon, such as the normal/traditional wooden base, or the more powerful explosive base.

You will have to unlock location by capturing blueprints or item from the mouse. The world of moueshunt is ever expanding, and more items and mouse are reveal everyday. It is sort of like pokemon, where you try to catch all the mouse and try to obtain better traps through blueprints drop by rare and powerful mouse.

The artwork of the traps and mouse are very creative and interesting. You will laugh and be amused when you see how a Tiger mouse looks like! With a healthy population of 300,000+ hunters and still growing, Mousehunt is definitely an interesting facebook game to play. With a helpful community and ever expanding content.

This is not like the other facebook game where you have to waiting, but you can play it while you’re surfing the internet. You are only have to click the horn every 15 minutes to play. And every hours the game will automatically check the trap, it is the same as when you click the horn and maybe you will catch a mouse.

Start play now http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt

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