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Internet Download Manager

What are download manager?

A download manager is a program solely for downloading files from the Internet. Download managers are a must if you download a lot. Not only do they keep your PC organized, they keep you productive. One of them is Internet Download Manager, one of the most popular and the fastest program for downloading.

About Internet Download Manager (IDM)

IDM is a download accelerator, meaning that  it splits file into parts and download them together, thus increasing the download speed. According to its website, it can speed up download up to 500%. Of course that’s only true if you have high speed internet. Otherwise it won’t be much.

Some capabilities of IDM

Resume Files

Like most good download managers, IDM allows you to resume files. The great thing is IDM saves the file’s parts every few minutes, so you’ll be able to resume a file even if your PC crashed while it was downloading.

Scheduler & Queues

This is one of best features of IDM. IDM allows you to group files in queues so it’ll automatically download all the files in the queue, one after another, after you start the queue. You can also setup the scheduler so a queue will start at a certain time, say 1 AM. And you can even set it up to shut down your PC after the queue has been completed.

Speed Limiter

In Internet Download Manager, you can limit the speed at which files are downloading. This way your normal browsing won’t slow down to a crawl while you’re downloading stuff.

Browser Integration & Video/Audio Downloading

When you install IDM, it attaches itself to your browser. This enables you to download files using IDM in one click only, you don’t have to copy-paste the URL in IDM. So, whenever you click a download link, say a .zip file, IDM will start automatically and then ask you if you want to download it.

Another great thing about this download manager is that it can easily download videos and any audio on the web page. Whenever a web page has a video, IDM adds a “Download this video” button to the top-right of the video. This makes it very easy to download videos off YouTube in one click.

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  1. best download manager 🙂

    July 30, 2011 at 1:53 pm

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